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Item No: 1229212953050
Bring these custom towels to the beach, on your boat trip and more! Towels measure 60" x 30" and feature a large imprint area. Material: 70/30 recycled cotton/recycled polyester (RPET) Large imprint area Size: 60" x 30"
Item No: 1229212953049
The super absorbent microfiber material gives this towel a luxurious, soft feel and is naturally water-resistant to keep you cool and dry during your workout. Fits over standard yoga mats. Material: Microfiber Fast-drying Water-resistant Fits over standard yoga mats Size: 66" H x 24" W
Product Name: Freestyle Swim Towel
Item No: 1229212953048
Put your message poolside on a looped terry towel for great laidback advertising. Full-length sport accent stripes will frame your logo and effortlessly draw the eye. Your audience will appreciate the super absorbent plush material. Beautiful embroidery adds a professional feel and takes your brand to the next level. Size: 68" x 34".
Item No: 1229212953047
Put your logo on these soft beach towels. Towels are made with a plush velour front and an absorbent terry backside. Includes a tonal stock art love the beach graphics with palm trees imprint on front top of towel, with custom logo featured on the bottom of towel. Material: Cotton terry velour Hemmed edges Tonal stock art imprint on front top of towel Custom imprint location front bottom of towel Size: 60"H x 30"W
Item No: 1229212953046
These midweight sport towels are made from soft cotton terry velour. Great promotional towel for sporting events, gyms, exercise classes and more! Material: Cotton terry velour Hemmed edges Size: 15" H x 18" W
Item No: 1229212953045
Polish your golf clubs, wipe your hands and rub off your shoes on this absorbent microfiber towel. Featuring black stitched edges and a built-in corner grommet and hook to attach to a golf bag or backpack. Material: 80/20 Polyester/polyamide microfiber Black stitched edges Corner grommet and hook Waffle texture Size: 26" H x 16" W
Product Name: 2-in-1 Golf Towel
Item No: 1229212953044
This 2-in-1 golf towel is made from polyester and features a dual-layer design that allows for hand cleaning on the exterior and ball/club cleaning on the interior. Towel includes a brass grommet with attachment hook. Complete with gray accent stitching. Material: Polyester Dual-layer Gray accent stitching Brass grommet and hook Size: 11-7/8" H x 11-7/8" W
Item No: 1229212953043
The midweight towel is made from terry velour for a soft and luxurious feel. Patterned dobby borders and double shearing offer a classic everyday towel. Great for a day at poolside. Material: Cotton terry velour Double shearing Patterned dobby borders Size: 30"H x 60"W
Item No: 1229212953042
They'll snuggle up to your logo with the soft-sheared, cotton terry velour towel. Great for drying off after a dip in the pool, spa, or bathtub! Material: Cotton terry velour Hemmed edges Size: 30" H x 60" W
Item No: 1229212953041
This king-sized beach towel is made with absorbent cotton fabric and features a patterned dobby border and dobby hem finish. Material: Cotton loop terry Patterned dobby border Dobby hem edging Size: 35" H x 65" W
Item No: 1229212953040
This custom golf towel is made of triple sheared ring spun cotton yarn for an incredibly soft, smooth feel. This towel is intended for damp or dry use to easily wipe down clubs, golf balls, tees and other equipment. Includes a built grommet and hook in the upper left corner for easy attachment to bags or gear. Material: Cotton terry velour Fringed hemmed edges Gold grommet and hook Size: 18" H x 11" W
Item No: 1229212953039
When your guests pop out of the pool or lay out on the beach, this towel will by busy promoting your business. Made of absorbent, plush velour, a welcome wrap after a dip in the pool. Your logo is the main focus against the crisp white surface, edged with bold-colored hems. Personalized towels are perfect for your gift shop, spa, amusement park, hotel or other travel destination. For the midweight 30" x 60" towel, see item #129757-MWIslander Beach Towel Midweight. Size: 35" x 70".
Item No: 1229212953038
This golf towel is made of ultra-absorbent felt shammy material and offers a lot of drying potential in a convenient sized package. Gold hook and grommet make it easy for you to clip this towel on the side of your sport bag. Material: Felt shammy Ultra absorbent Gold grommet and hook Size: 19" H x 9-1/2" W
Item No: 1229212953037
This cotton terry velour fitness towel features a hemmed border for durability. Perfect towel for gyms, spas and fitness centers! Material: Cotton terry velour Hemmed edges Size: 12" H x 42" W
Product Name: Cabana Stripe Towel
Item No: 1229212953036
Nautical cabana stripes provide a stylish, high-end background for your bold embroidered logo. Sumptuous, soft cotton with a double-sheared finish makes drying off after a dip feel luxurious. Material: Cotton Hemmed edges Size: 60" H x 30" W
Product Name: Chilly Sport Towel
Item No: 1229212953035
This cooling towel is the perfect size and is made to wrap around your neck during your workout or to help you stay cool during hot days. When wet, the towel creates a cooling effect for the user, making it great for hot weather conditions. Material: Soft PVA Retains water, while remaining dry to touch Wet in cool water and wring for cooling effect Packaged inside plastic case Towel size: 33" H x 6" W
Item No: 1229212953034
This quick-absorbing and quick-drying large towel is made of soft microfiber material. Towels cool instantaneously when wet with water. An attached color-coordinating elastic band helps keep this towel folded for easy, tidy storage. Material: Microfiber Hemmed edges Fold for storage with elastic band Unfolded size: 39" H x 20" W
Product Name: Spinnaker Beach Towel
Item No: 1229212953033
Big and bold vertical stripes make highlighting your logo too easy. Thick and plush, this terry velour towel just needs your message to achieve perfection. Material: Cotton terry velour Hemmed edges Stripe pattern Size: 32" H x 66" W
Item No: 1229212953032
Made from microfiber waffle weave material, this absorbent towel is perfect for your next golf outing. The build of the towel allows it to drape over a golf bag while prominently displaying your logo. Features a black accent border. Material: Microfiber Waffle-weave design Center hanging loop Black accent stitched border Size: 17" H x 40" W
Item No: 1229212953031
This golf towel is made of cotton terry velour and features a classic tri-fold design. Includes a gold hook and grommet at the top center. Perfect for cleaning or drying clubs and other golf equipment. Material: Cotton terry velour Classic tri-fold design Gold hook and grommet at top center Size: 25" H x 5-5/16" W
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