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Product Name: Electric Wheel Chair
Item No: 18721446
Electric Wheel Chair with Lithium Battery LiFEPO4 battery (10Ah, 9.6V) Motor power: 60W Max. speed: 10km/h Measures: 100 x 60 x 88cm Net weight: 15kg Front wheel: 8' Rear wheel: 24' Range: 12km Loading weight: 100kg Aluminum alloy
Product Name: Electric Wheelchair
Item No: 18656305
Electric Wheelchair with 24/36V Brush Motor and Low Electrical Noise Very long operating life Absolutely zero cogging for ultra smooth velocity and torque even at slow speeds Low armature mass for high accelerations and decelerations Low inductance for almost instantaneous torque Very high peak torques for rapid accelerations Flat motor profile for extremely compact size Stamped winding technology for very high reliability and low cost Low electrical noise Super integrated motorized wheel drive Make wheelchair Simple, neat and light Higher efficiency with our stamped pancake motor technology Drive you extra miles Double trip: upto 25km with only 24V/20Ah SLA pack (180 x 76 x 168mm, 12V, 20Ah) Lowest power consumption: <4A at speed of 4mph at level Two-motor combined output power: 400W/24V or 600W/36V Built-in electric-magnetic parking brake (EMB) and manual release handle Climbing up and parking with 110kg load at 12 degree slope easily Lightest weight (30kg without battery, 44kgs with battery) Maintenance-free punctual tire High load capacity (180kg maximum) State of art wheelchair joystick controller
Item No: 186513798
Outdoor/Indoor Use Comfortable Electrical Wheelchair, Adjustable Armrest in Width and Height Features: Adjustable and reclined seat Steel welled strong frame PU tire and 33Ah batteries Adjustable armrest in width and height Turnover and foldable footrest Press-button convenient controller Safety belt New fruit red/pear blue color wave shroud Lever shock absorption design Insures a driving and optimum stability Specifications: Length: Footrest folded: 880mm Footrest unfolded: 1,020mm Width: 620mm Height: 1080mm Seat width: 495mm Weight: 94kg (with batteries) Front and rear casters: Dia. 152mm foam-filled tires Wheel: 254mm foam-filled tires Top speed: 6kph Maximum incline: 9 degrees Weight capacity: 136kg Turning radius: 650mm Obstacle height: 35mm Battery range: 25km Controller: dynamic Batteries: 2 sets, each 12V and 33Ah Charging time: 8 hours Charging power: 180 to 240V AC
Item No: 186461387
Aluminum Tripod Seat Cane Crutches, Easily Fold and Unfold from Stick to Rest Seat in Second Aluminum tripod seat Made of 3 main lightweight aluminum tripod tubes Easily fold and unfold from stick to rest seat in second Plastic seat and handle with deluxe design, shape and easily action Maximum load: 190kg
Product Name: Stick and Crutch
Item No: 186421960
Stick and Crutch, Made of Metal, Available in Various Sizes Metal cuff forearm crutch tall adult: 33 to 42-inch Metal cuff forearm crutch adult (28 to 37-inch) Metal cuff forearm crutch youth (21.5 to 30.5-inch)
Item No: 186385119
Strong Three-section Aluminum Alloy Crutches, System Perfect Combination of Spring and Elastomeric Trekking poles material: 6061 or 7075 aluminum alloy PVC trekking poles are comfortable strap SAS-soft and anti-shock system System perfect combination of spring and elastomeric Weight: 0.31kg/piece Minimum length: 65 and 135cm Packing: each piece in one PE bag
Item No: 18636148
Aluminum Alloy Crutches with PVC Trekking Poles Trekking poles material: 6061 or 7075 aluminum alloy PVC trekking poles are comfortable strap SAS-soft and anti-shock system System perfect combination of spring and elastomeric Weight: 0.31kg/piece Minimum length: 65 and 135cm Packing: each piece in one PE bag
Item No: 186322972
High-strength New Design Walking Stick with Crutch for Handicapped and Old People Features: High-strength Left and right hand design Handgrip has human hand's shape Comfortable Specifications: Height: 850mm Handgrip: plastic Tube: carbon fiber Color: black Weight: 185g
Product Name: Walking Sticks
Item No: 186174256
Walking Sticks with Crutch for Handicapped and Old People, Shock Absorption Design Features: Button control High strength Oxidized Shock absorption design 9 selectors for height Specifications: Height: 128 to 148cm Handgrip: aluminum alloy
Product Name: Pouch Arm Sling
Item No: 5101649516
Description: Pouch Arm Sling Material: Polyster/cotton fabric Size: S, M, L Feature & Function: Traditional envelope arm sling comfortably distributes the weight of the arm following surgical or non-surgical treatment of the arm, hand or shoulder. Made in a strong, seamless quality design. Fast and simple application with slide buckle adjustment. Poly/cotton material. Ideal for: * Shoulder dislocation * Humeral&Clavicular fracture * Other arm/shoulder injuries * Post-operation/plaster application
Item No: 5111734816
[Application]: Mainly used for assistant treatment of hernia swelling. Support your hernia with this adjustable hernia truss. Washable. [Materials Content]: Imitation leather, composite net cloth, agglutinate belt. [Product Description]: It can spare patients the suffering of operation and immediately alleviate the symptom. Alleviate inguinal colic symptom through giving pressures by adjustable fixing belt and built-in convexity. There is no need of hospital, operation, injection and there is no pain or side-effects in this treatment. Convenience and safe and makes the colic patients get assistant treatment without influence of work and life Standard: S/M/L
Product Name: Ankle Support
Item No: 51016501316
Description: Neoprene Ankle Support Material: Neoprene, Nylon, Latex Size: S, M, L Feature & Function: This Ankle Support with Strap is a popular product that has all the features and benefits of a basic neoprene support but also includes wrap around velcro straps for added support and compression. Thermal neoprene anklet with nylon facing on both sides with heavy-duty nylon on outer side for durability. * Ankle Wrap provides stabilization for an ankle inversion or sprain. * Advanced neoprene support with adjustable compression straps. * Protects and supports. * Fits comfortably in any shoe. WARNING: Do not apply over open wounds or if you have a susceptibility to dermatitis.
Item No: 5111754416
-Ankle support/wrap enhanced with the power of magnets and Hot/Cold Pad. -A safe, convenient and universal non-invasive treatment for pain. Highly recommended by doctors for patients with Acute injuries (sprained / strained ankles) and Chronic ankle pain from osteoarthritis. -Hot & cold gel insert. (Gel is CE approved and proven safe for European and North American imports) -The finest quality wraps with 3 in 1 Therapy. -Convenient Hook & Loop Closures: For quick and easy fastening. -Gel Pack can be frozen or heated with microwave conveniently. Wrap is conveniently washable. -Slips easily into wrap pocket. -Hot Therapy: For Chronic periodic treatment of ankle and arthritic pain resulted from osteoarthritis and rheumatic arthritis. 1. Increases blood circulation to affected area 2. Facilitates healing process 3. Soothes muscle aches 4. Releases muscle tensions -Cold Therapy: For Acute treatment of injuries such as ankle sprains, strains, and bruises. 1. Decrease inflammations 2. Reduces blood flow 3. Decrease pain due to acute sprain/strain ankle injuries -Magnetic Wave Therapy: Studies have shown that magnets may be an effective therapy for enhancing the relief of pain. Additionally, it is believed that magnetic fields applied to an injured area improve blood flow and oxygen exchange to enhance the body's natural healing process. Studies have shown that magnets may be an effective therapy: 1. Effectively enhances the relief of pain. 2. Improving blood flow. 3. Promoting the body's natural healing process. -Magnetic Wave Therapy - Three Critical Elements: 1. Power - Features powerful 1000+ gauss magnets. 2. Placement - Incorporates 16 individual magnets, strategically placed to ensure maximum effectiveness.
Product Name: Arm Sling
Item No: 51117105416
Provide airy and comfortable support for either arm during recuperation from broken bone, sprain, surgery, or for general arm support. Product Features: High permeability and adjustable to arms and shoulders. Product materials: Composite net cloth, plastic splint and buckle.
Product Name: Lace-Up Ankle Brace
Item No: 51117115616
This lightweight brace provides moderate support and protection from injury. Cool canvas is lightweight and conforms to shape of foot Comfortable fit with padded tongue and adjustable lace-up design Superior support is achieved through exclusive non-stretch nylon stabilizing straps that mirror the stirrup technique of an athletic taping application. The calcaneus is captured, effectively locking the heel fits easily into an athletic or street shoe. Durable ballistic nylon - the same protective material used by law enforcement and military
Item No: 51117165016
Indicated for acute and chronic ankle instabilities. Pre-inflated bladders provide support and compression to swollen tissue and relieve pressure on bony prominences. Air valve at proximal end of bladder allows for simple adjustment of air when desired. (Filling tube is included. ) Air bladders have a soft film exterior lining for comfort and to prevent skin irritation. Injection molded shells provide medial/lateral support.
Product Name: Wrist Brace
Item No: 51117174416
The Wrist Brace is the best fitting, most comfortable and best-priced wrist available. Extremely breathable lycra-lined interior Lightweight durable fabric construction Contoured along distal palmar crease to allow for 90 M. P. Flexion Precisely sculpted narow web space prevents pinching Easy-to-use comtace closure straps Rmeovable/adjustable palmar stay
Product Name: Wrist Brace
Item No: 5121441616
Suitable for bone surgery operation, orthoraedic gypsum, healthy sports matreial for slim figure and so on. Under the tenet of "take people and sincerity as bases, abide by professional ethics, always take demotic health as its duty".
Product Name: Wrist Brace
Item No: 5121462916
Suitable for bone surgery operation, orthoraedic gypsum, healthy sports matreial for slim figure and so on. Under the tenet of "take people and sincerity as bases, abide by professional ethics, always take demotic health as its duty".
Product Name: Maternity Belt
Item No: 51114193516
Description: Maternity Support Belt Material: Nylon, Polyester, Latex Size: Universal Feature & Function: Provides gentle, firm support to help relieve the back and abdominal muscle pains associated with pregnancy. By transferring the weight of the extended abdomen from the front to the back of the spine and over the pelvis, the lordosis is held in its natural curve to help prevent strain. Easy, inconspicuous to wear under most clothing. Abdominal lift attachment provides abdominal lift with no undesirable pressure. Support expands to accommodate growth during various stages of pregnancy. Latex free ventilated elastic back and side panels provide comfortable and cool support compression. Unique tri-laminate material has a durable nylon outer in an attractive beige color, support foam base and soft cotton inner lining. Easy hook and loop closures.
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