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Wholesale Novelty Umbrella
Item No: 1229212951302
These Unbelieveabrella feature a C-shaped handle for easy, hands-free use. Simply place the C-shaped handle around your wrist, and continue to use your device while carrying this umbrella. Umbrellas make great rewards/gifts for associates, employees, clients and more. Canopy material: Polyester pongee 48" arc Manual open, manual close 2-layer canopy Inverted closure Contrasting iridescent underside Fiberglass ribs Steel shaft Rubberized C-shaped handle Size closed: 32" long
Product Name: Fold Umbrella
Item No: 1229212950770
Description: animal umbrella Size.: 10 " x 8k Fabric: polyester 190T Pole : steel.. Rib: steel.. handle: steel.. color: yes,as client require logo: yes ,as client require standard: CE ,EN71 ect .
Item No: 1229212950632
World Cup Style Children's Umbrella with Plastic Handle and Aluminum Shaft Material: 100% pongee With long stick Handle: plastic Frame: aluminum rib Shaft: aluminum Suitable for children Size: 48cm x 8k
Product Name: Heart-shaped Umbrella
Item No: 1229212950631
Heart-shaped Umbrella, Made of Fiberglass Ribs and Aluminum Shaft Manual open umbrella 29.5-inch × 16 ribs 4mm aluminum shaft 3.5mm white fiberglass ribs EVA handle Nickel metal top Nickel tips
Product Name: Drip Guard Umbrella
Item No: 1229212949825
Unique new feature prevents this umbrella from dripping onto the floor! Drip guard automatic umbrella 36 in length, which when closed with the caps pulled down, create and umbrella which will not drip onto the floor. A great safety item for any company trying to keep a safe indoor environment in which nobody will slip on a wet floor. Heavy duty steel shaft with a beautiful wood hook handle, automatic open and European tips. Colors: black/white, hunter-white, maroon-white, navy / white, red-white, royal-white Size: 50" arc Imprint Area: 7" sq.
Item No: 1229212949508
5 Fold Cute rabbit umbrella Super cute rabbit, a pick-up-first Qinliaoyikou, creativity to flow to infiltrate bit. Opaque, science and technology for protection from the sun high and one year, who are able to hang bags on the small buckle, beautiful women who will not take up space inside the bag, also particularly handsome, this must be hung this rabbit. Collapses half price, ultra-light ultra-cute, colorful plastic coating inside, sun better effect, the general umbrella can make it, the more buyers will consider tightening circle, the more firm, and in fact this is the number of the folding umbrella. Like the Wu Zhe, the number of multi-fold umbrella, but the actual wind effects are particularly good, that is, when the case of strong winds or cyclone, even if by the wind into a horn-shaped, but also intact, then recover. Umbrella materials and ultra-light, flexible and especially good, not because of the burden of an umbrella into bags. Dark sun better than a good light, the principle of light-colored sunglasses with dark sunglasses filter better than the same.
Item No: 1229212949507
A very creative umbrella, umbrella is the world map design, combined with the open arc umbrella Oh great feeling. More importantly, the umbrella is large enough, 106cm in diameter, is a little folding umbrella can achieve, oh. 2 people can work together on general use. Automatic design so that will not be rain on and off to, because a hand can switch umbrella. I believe with this umbrella as a gift to the elders or friends is very very close to anything else.
Product Name: Handbag Umbrella
Item No: 1229212949509
In order to prevent rain umbrella full of dirty room, many will provide plastic bags for packing an umbrella. But for environmental reasons, even the shopping bags to be used has been canceled, including plastic bags, umbrellas probably can not escape it? So how effective the drained water on the umbrella to prevent rain wets the interior has become a serious problem. But if it is to enter the supermarket, umbrella umbrella racks on the door I'm afraid the public will be very easy to lose. Then to try this new umbrella bar bag. It's half the normal umbrella double umbrella designed, and the time to enter the room, just opened a package to live in the inner layer outer layer, and then picked up into a bag on hand. Compared to ordinary umbrella jacket, such a product more convenient, but do not deliberately set up to bring an umbrella. Environmentally friendly and practical.
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