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Item No: 1229212949489
Capacity:20pcs cigarette pack Put cigarette pack into this item, Press the yellow sticker and the upper cover open automatically. Material:ABS Product Size:9.6x6.3x3.0cm
Product Name: Cigarette Case
Item No: 1229212949488
Cigarette case: plastic or leather With magnet closure; Easy to carry; Protect cigarette case good.
Item No: 1229212949487
Made of 100% melamine, high grade fireproof material. More safe for using. Colorful melamine ashtray. Could adapt the lid and bottom causually. Especial design like a crown can be a good decoration. Could print logo easily on each side. There are 9 extinguishing hole on the lid.
Product Name: Cigarette Bin
Item No: 1229212949485
Wall mounted cigarette bins provide a safe and clean way of collecting cigarette butts. Ideal for use inside or outside no smoking office, factory, pub, bar, hotel, restaurant, house and street.
Item No: 1229212949484
Made of bakellite and alluminium Painted on the surface, various colors are available. Could priint a LOGO on the painted surface.] Windproof ashtray could be used in many outdoor suitations, such as outdoor bar, out door cafe. Special design-cube outlook. Stackable design.
Item No: 1229212949483
Pocketsize - handy to keep in a pocket or bag Easy to carry Reusable portable ashtray In more and more countries, Smoking in "closed public place" is forbidden. Smokers have to smoke outside, such as Street, out of bar, outdoor, etc, in this case, a portable ashtray/ handy ashtray is very useful and convenience to them. and It is good to help smokers have a good smoking manner.
Product Name: Portable Ashtray
Item No: 1229212949482
Material:ABS+aluminium Able to dispose of cigarette butts anywhere Cigarettes extinguish very quickly Pocketsize - handy to keep in a pocket or bag Avoid Litter Fines Prevent countryside fires Odour-free when used Reusable portable ashtray
Item No: 1229212949481
Pocket ashtray, portable ashtray, mobile ashtray Reusable pocket ashtray contains a fireproof lining to extinguish cigarettes and lock in odor. Pocket sized, 8*8cm, easy to store in pocket or bag. Customized logo and/or slogan are available to be imprininted
Product Name: Mini Ashtray
Item No: 1229212949480
Mini pocket ashtray various colors for your choice size 2.5*2.5*8cm made of zinc alloy
Item No: 1229212949479
Reusable pocket ashtray contains a fire-resistant lining to extinguish cigarettes and lock inside Pocket sized: 8.4 x 10cm Customized logo accepted All trademarks are shown for reference purpose only. We are not authorized to sell any item bearing such trademarks
Item No: 1229212949473
Marlboro Ceramic Ashtray Cigarette Case Shaped Product Size:10CM×5.5CM×4CM Do not think that is a cigarette Oh ... ... Actually, this is a ceramic ashtray. Smoking friends, do not miss this personality ashtray. Individually packaged, is also a friend a gift of quality goods. Material:Ceramics
Item No: 1229212949469
TOMATO Ashtray match Set Material:Crystal Size:8.4cm long * 5.5cm width * 3cm high Gift Box:10.5*10.3*3.5CM
Product Name: Scholar Ashtray
Item No: 1229212949270
Scholar Ashtray with Mouse Shaped Material: Resin Package: Kraft Box Size: 13.2 * 9.6 * 10.2
Product Name: Frying pan Ashtray
Item No: 1229212949269
Worry is the life into a pot of fried dishes called life experience. Do not look at the pan size, open the lid, or your taste ashtray! Material: Resin Packing: Kraft paper box + bubble Size: pot diameter 9.5cm, Length 16.5cm,High 6cm Package size: 19.2 * 13.2 * 10.4
Item No: 5277362878
Resin Big Tobacco Pipe Ashtray I have a big tobacco pipe, I am also willing to provide the convenience for the world all smoking public figure, but the high quality service, in the big tobacco pipe may also load the cigarette butt which you all give vent. Material quality: Resin Packing: Color box Size:15*15*15cm
Product Name: Big Palms Ashtray
Item No: 526636290
Customized resin material, innovative product, Mr collar opens his big palms 4.5"*3.5"*4"Resin, Big Palm
Item No: 5277461695
This year most has the thought and can white-collar gentleman, the incarnation different goods, and goes beyond athlete's motor ability by his deep wisdom, brings more humors for ours OFFTCE/living room/kitchen. Happy, heavy, does smiles .......Many life taste! Wants to understand me profoundly, quickly has me! Material: Ceramics Color: Black Packing Size: 18.5*16*10cm Water influx white-collar gentleman in the top of the head round hole, covers pinches the red hat lightly, the volunteer fire brigade automatic blowout extinguishment cigarette butt.
Product Name: BBQ Ashtray
Item No: 526717553
BBQ ashtray, It is a creative ashtray. There are 4 kind of food to "grill". Do you want corn or chicken wing? BBQ ashtray, BBQ set, BBQ tool, gift
Product Name: Clip-on metal ashtray
Item No: 5267143423
Customized It can put at the corner of the table with lovely appearance. You can use it easily at home or hotel. it also can print the logo,The shape is very fashionable. Clip on Metal Ashtray, Tobacco Ash Receptacle, convenient
Item No: 526702673
Customized Luminous glass ashtray, It is made from the photo luminescent pigments. Can be glow in darkness by itself continuously for over 7-8 hours after absorbed daylight or lamp light. They radioactive,non-toxic and Green-Protection products. Luminous, Glass Object, Cigar Ash Receptacle, Heart, Cigarette Ash Compartment Available colors:Green
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