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  • 492054961
    Ploe dance, pole dancing, dance pole, in chrome plated steel material, height adjustable, rolling
    Pole dance dia is 45mm.
    Disign specifically for smaller hands and lighter grip the dance pole is the ideal size and with it's 2mm thick tube and screw joints it will allow dancers to perform and practice the hardest of moves securely.
    1)product size: Dia 50*2300-2600mm
    2)material composition: Polished steel tube and ABS plates
    3)product color: Polished
    4)individual packing: 1 set packed into gift round box, then 4 sets packed into brown carton
    Fitness X Pole Dancing Pole

  • 492062691
    X Pole for professional dancer, strong enough for 2 adults's body swing on the pole
    Product Size: Dia 45x2235-2745mm
    Material Composition: Polished Steel Tube
    Product Color: Polished
    Individual Packaging packed into a paper tube, then 1set packed into carrying carton.
    Carton Dimension (cm) 41.5x12.5x108cm
    G. W. (Kgs/CTN) 14.5
    N. W. (Kgs/CTN) 12.5
    N. W. (Kgs/Unit) 12.5
    Min. Order Qty.: 200PCS
    Qty. For 1x20': 550PCS
    Qty. For 1x40': 1140PCS
    Qty. For 1x40' HQ: 1335PCS
    Remarks: It comes with English Manual, DVD
    Professional Dance Pole/Dancing Pole/X Pole

  • X Pole
    Professional Dance Pole Feature:
    No ceiling fixings required (no hooks - no screws)
    Static or spinning (6 ball bearings), two hidden screws to lock/unlock
    45mm tube
    Extendable from 2235mm (7' 4") to 2745mm (9') straight from the box
    Screw together tube joints for maximum strength, stability and smoothness
    Easy to use height adjuster with cover
    Articulating base, easy to set up on uneven floors
    Double width pole support dome, spreads the load/pressure evenly on the ceiling
    Angular stability lock, helps stabilization your X-Pole
    Optional extensions 100, 125, 250, 500 and 1000mm
    Comprehensive assembly instructions & DVD included
    X Pole

  • X Pole.
    X pole
    Base Plate - 9in diameter
    Main Pole A (bottom pole) with attached height adjuster rod and locking nut
    Foam adjuster rod cover - Covers threads so you won't scrape arms or legs
    Main Pole B (top pole) - Only the Main Pole A and Main Pole B are needed for ceiling heights of 7ft 4in - 7ft 9in
    125mm (5in) extension - Attach this extension for ceiling heights 7ft 9in - 8ft 2in
    250mm (10in) extension - Attach this extension for ceiling heights of 8ft 2in 8ft 7in Combine both the 125mm with the 250mm for ceiling heights of 8ft 6in 9ft
    1x 180mm (7in) X-Joint - Comes attached to the125mm extension and used with the smallest extensions that are closest to the ceiling
    2x 200mm (8in) X-Joints - Used to connect all larger pole pieces
    Upper Support Plate - 9in wide plate that grips the ceiling for support
    Hex Key & Straight Rod - The ONLY tools you will need to properly set up your X-Pole Sport!
    Carry Case - Only one case is needed for the complete.
    X Pole.

  • Dancing Pole X-Pole
    The pole tube diameter is 45mm. Design specifically for smaller hand sand lighter grip the XP045 X-Pole is the ideal size and with it's 2mmthick tube and screw joints it will allow dancers to perform and practice the hardest of moves securely. X-Pole has the ideal combination of size, functionality and stability to make it the 1stchoice for dancers of all levels. In addition the increase in tube wall thickness to 2mm means that the 45mm X-Pole tubes are very stiff reducing the flex associated with thinner poles.
    X-Pole Set Contents
    1. 250mm Extension
    2. 125mm Extension
    3. Height Adjuster
    4. Adjuster Cover
    5. Main Pole A
    6. Main Pole B
    7. Pole Support Dome
    8. Articulating Base
    9. Set of X-Pole tools
    Dancing Pole X-Pole
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