SEO Ideas about the Keyword wholesale pen on Sep, 28th


Wholesale Pen

Founded in 2003, UP China Industrial LTD was the most reliable Internet wholesaler in China. We are one of the biggest Chinese wholesale provider of Custom Logo Imprinted promotional products. Our best-selling products are wholesale pen, Nonwoven Shopping Bag, stress balls, umbrella, sunglasses. And now we are going to share SEO ideas about the keyword Wholesale Pen, please see the form below, of which the statistics are provided by Google Adwards on Sep, 28th:


Search terms Results Avg. monthly searches Competition Suggested bid
Wholesale Pen 27,400,000 1K – 10K High CN¥41.96


From statistics we can find that the keyword Wholesale Pen is hard to do the SEO. The reasons are:

  1. The search result of the keyword is more than 10,000,000
  2. The Avg. monthly searches is from 1,000 to 10,000.
  3. The Competition is High.
  4. The suggested Bid is very expensive, which isover CN¥96.


So, we estimated that the keyword SEO difficulty of Wholesale Pen should be above 70%.

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Currently Ads about Wholesale Stress Balls Suppliers on Aug, 21th, 2017


wholesale stress balls


There are countless wholesale stress balls suppliers all over the world, and here we will share the top 5 who ad on Aug, 21th, 2017:


  1. Custom Stress Balls – Over 220 Styles Available –

Free Logo and Art Preparation. Free Samples. Wide Variety of Styles and Colors. Types: Sports, Healthcare, Transportation, Public Service, Fidget


2. 33¢ Bulk Stress Balls – Free S&H – Wholesale Prices –

Trusted Service, Lowest Prices, Same Quality, and Quick Turnaround. Shop Now!


3. 33¢ Promo Stress Balls – Up To 10% Off Your 1st Order

Low price custom stress balls for sale. Huge Selection. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Best Promotional Products · Manufacturer-Direct · Stellar Customer Service


4. Custom Stressballs – Print with Your Logo and Brand

$15 Off A Purchase of $150 or More With Code SCORE15. Get Yours Today!


5. Wholesale Stress Balls – Magic Cube, Swan, Asparaqus & More

Distribute wholesale stress balls among target audience and your existing customers for better branding. Buy Wholesale stress balls at reasonable prices from us!


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Top 10 Countries Query Wholesale Stress Balls the Most on May, 2017


wholesale stress balls


UP China Industrial LTD was the most reliable Internet wholesaler in China, founded in 2003. We are the big wholesale provider of Wholesale Umbrella, Wholesale Sunglasses, Wholesale Stress Ball, Nonwoven Shopping Bag, Wholesale Pen from the China market.

Today UP China is going to share some statistics about the top 10 countries query the keyword Wholesale Stress Balls the most with you. Please see the form below:

Country/Region Clicks Impressions CTR Position
United States 624 27306 2.29% 10.2
United Kingdom 102 5059 2.02% 6.3
Canada 51 2043 2.50% 6.1
Australia 36 2411 1.49% 5.7
Germany 19 858 2.21% 12.5
India 13 2052 0.63% 11.4
Malaysia 11 505 2.18% 10.2
Singapore 8 352 2.27% 7
Spain 8 468 1.71% 10.7
Mexico 7 445 1.57% 18

From the statistics above, we can see that among the top 10 countries query Wholesale Stress Ball the most, United States won the most Clicks and Impressions, and United Kingdom got the second Clicks and Impressions. And Australia, India and Canada also got not bad Impressions.

The best click through rate belonged to Canada, and followed by United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany and United Kingdom all had the close CTRs, which are all about 2%.

The keyword Wholesale Stress Ball ranked the highest in Australia, and the average ranking is 5.7, very high rankings. And it ranked good in Canada, United Kingdom and Singapore as well.

Thus, maybe we should do more marketing promotion about Wholesale Stress Ball on these top 10 countries, especially on United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.


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The Keyword Difficulty of Wholesale Pen

wholesale pen

Today a professional Chinese Wholesale Pen online supplier – would like to share some statistics about the keyword Wholesale Pen:


Keyword Difficulty, % Volume Results
wholesale pen 72.38 30 23,600,000

From the above statistics, we can see that the keyword Wholesale Pen is a little hard for SEO.


Though, the search volume is below 100, which means the competition will be not high, the results of the keyword Wholesale Pen are too many, and the difficulty is quite high, which is more than 72%.


So we think  Wholesale Pen is a not a easy keyword to do the search engine optimization. is the most reliable internet wholesaler in China, founded in 2003. We provide high quality Wholesale Sunglasses,Wholesale Umbrella,wholesale stress ball,Nonwoven Shopping Bag,Wholesale Pen in various types. More information, please visit

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Do You Need a Stress Ball to Relieve Your Pressure?

wholesale-stress-balls_%e5%89%af%e6%9c%acHave you ever feel exhausted after a whole day’s work? Have you ever feel upset when you get criticized by the boss? Have you feel annoyed for the household chores? If your answer is yes, it means that you have suffered great stress, and you need to release the stress, or you will be in sub-health status.

Stress is very common in our daily life and work, and there are many ways to release or relieve stress. Someone choose to have sports including running, swimming and riding. Some others may choose to sing in KTV, and even someone will choose to drink. However, for most of people, we need to work the whole day and need to take after children after work, then we have no time to do such things. The most convenient way is to have a stress ball, which is not more than 7 cm in diameter. People can put it in any place such as office, home or even the bathroom. You can do everything to it when you are unhappy. Maybe someone say it is childish, in fact, if we can release our bad mood, who cares the ways?

UP China Industrial LTD was the most reliable Internet wholesaler in China, founded in 2003. We provide wholesale stress balls in various types. We will guarantee On-time shipment and Lowest Price. On-time shipment  means that your order will be free if you can’t received on time. Lowest Price means that if you find a lower advertised price within 30 days of your purchase, let us know and we’ll refund double the difference in price.

Modern society has quicken the tempo of the people’s life, and people suffer a lot from the great stress of life and work. Come to get a stress ball, it can help relieve yourself from the trouble and stress.

For more information about wholesale stress balls, please visit:

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Top 10 Related Keywords of Wholesale Pen



wholesale pen


Here are the top 5 related keywords of Wholesale Pen searched on February 6th, 2017:


Keyword Volume KD CPC (USD)
wholesale pens 390 78.04 6.26
pen wholesale 40 77.18 4.93
whole sale pens 20 78.04 13.83
pens wholesale 90 71.7 9.9
pens wholesale prices 50 77.88 0
buying pens in bulk 20 78.55 7.72
imprinted pens wholesale 10 66.55 14.23
cheap pens in bulk 140 74.65 12.49
printed pens wholesale 70 67.29 5.5
buy pens in bulk 70 78.55 7.51


Estimated from the statistics of the top 10 related keywords of Wholesale Pen are all quite hard for SEO. Though most of the search volumes are not too many, and most of them are not expensive, the keyword difficulty are all very high.

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We Provide Fast and Accurate OEM Services for Various Products

wholesale stress balls

With promotional and novelty gift items, became a specialist in providing branding services. We proud ourselves in being fast and accurate. We can put your logo on all the products from our OEM / ODM section.

Most of our items can be decorated with logo or personalized with personal engraving. The options available for decoration are as followed:

Embroidery Silk Screen Laser Engraving Leather Patches
Plates Foil Stamping Glass Etching Screen Printing

Decoration styles vary per item. Each decoration style will be listed in the product page. For various products, decoration options are available for customer to choose type of engraving desired. This will be noted as a choice with the item.
Personalization/Engraving Services
Some items, such as Crystal Award and Metal Coaster and Metal Money Clip and Metal Luggage Tag and Metal Keychain etc, crystal material or metal material products. Require a plate to be added for engraving. These plates can added as your request.

Debossing services are offered on leather items. Such as Leather Wallet and Leather Mouse Pad and Conference Folder and Leather Name Card Holder etc, Debossing is a method that depresses your company name or logo down into the surface of a leather item. This method displays your company logo through the leather goods without color, commonly known as “blind debossing”. We use this method to ensure quality of your goods. Over time, color that is added to leather will fade or flake away.

Screen/Silk Screen Printing
Screen or silkscreen printing is popular for our non-textile products. This screening can be either single or multicolored. such as Pen and and USB Flash Drive and Tape Measure and Mug and Water Bottle and  Umbrella and Inflatable etc, plastic material, leather material, metal material, silicone material, rubber material, textile material are available.

At Corporate Snobs we pride ourselves in offering some of the best choices of customization in the industry.
Our embroidery options are available for most of our monogrammed Tote Bag  and  Apron and Cap  and Embroidery Coaster and Towel etc textile products. is the leading custom logo imprinted promotional product online wholesaler providing best quality wholesale pen, Nonwoven Shopping Bag, wholesale stress balls, wholesale umbrella, wholesale sunglasses etc. If you want to buy custom logo imprinted promotional products, please visit

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Top 5 Best-selling Stress Balls Wholesale on in Jan, 2017

There are various stress balls wholesale on, the most popular Custom Logo Imprinted promotional products online provider in China. And here are the top 5 best-selling stress balls wholesale on in Jan, 2017 to share with you.


1. Gold Bar Stress Reliever Balls wholesale stress balls

Our customizable Gold Bar Squeezies are a perfect way to promote your alloy / precious metal supplier or bank, and is terrific for promoting any business with the word “gold” in the name! Allow us to custom print your company’s name or slogan on the soft, squeezable exterior for a promotional item your clients will treasure! A personalized Gold Bar Squeezie is handmade to ensure the highest quality, and is a great way to make your company name part of your clients’ daily routine every time they squeeze, toss, and display it! So invest in your own custom printed Gold Bar Squeezies today for a valuable promotional item you can get for a steal!


2. Rugby Ball Stress Reliever

wholesale stress balls

Looking for the best way to advertise your rugby team, equipment, venue, or league? Invest in our personalized Rugby Ball Squeezies!
We know that your rugby players don’t take any flack off of anybody; that’s why we offer these soft, handmade, high-quality stress relievers. Now all of your clients, customers, players, and fans will have something to take out all their built up tension on. No use bottling it up!
We’ll imprint your logo or slogan on these great promotional items to make them your company’s most unique marketing asset. Everyone who receives one will love to toss, squeeze, and display them! So don’t waste your time on lesser promotional products that will have your guys and gals looking for more. Customize your Rugby Ball Squeezies today!


3. Foam Ball Shooting Duck Popper Toy

wholesale stress balls

This mallard duck has had enough of hunters dressed in camouflage taking pot shots at him and his friends, so he’s taking matters into his own hands. Or, mouth. Help him shoot by squeezing his body and aiming at those pesky duck hunters. The foam ball will fly up to 20 feet if he’s squeezed with enough force. Engage in some fun role reversal and practice your aim. The soft foam balls are safe for indoor play so feel free to take some pot shots of your own against coworkers or family – just don’t get upset if they decide to take their own revenge.


4. Digital Camo Ball Stress Reliever

wholesale stress balls

When you’re in the heat of battle with your competitors, does your heart rate quicken? Relieve that pent-up stress by using a Digital Camo Ball Stress Reliever from; it’ll help normalize your heart rate.
Stress is one of those things that is an equal opportunist and doesn’t discriminate who it decides to share its presence with; men, women, young, old, everyone feels stressed sometimes. Be the company that offers them relief when you pass out these promotional stress relievers.
We can attest to the de-stressing power of these custom stress relievers. Our testing sample had fairly firm feel, but it still sprung back to its regular shape after squeezing. Here’s more of what we found during our tests:
It’s firm material was difficult to rip or tear
Comfortable to hold in hand
It’s round shape is prone to roll off desks
Your brand’s name will be front and center, and despite the camouflage background, it won’t blend in.
Whether your army of employees is strategizing your next move or fighting for customers, a high level of stress will be felt by everyone. Increase your brand awareness by giving away these Digital Camo Balls Stress Relievers to customers to decrease their stress and yours. Contact one of our sales representatives today and enjoy FREE proofs on your order!


5. Mental Block Game Stress Ball

wholesale stress balls

In most situations, the phrase “mental block” is frustrating. If you can’t get inspired, how are you supposed to get working? This is the one situation where a mental block can be a good thing: you’ll be promoting your organization with the Mental Block Game from
We know you love a good deal – who doesn’t? – but how can you refuse when we offer six imprints for the price of one? That’s right: we’ll place your custom imprint on each of the six squares that come together to make up the top side of this rectangular puzzle. For an additional charge, we’ll add an imprint to the square that make up the bottom side, too! The CPSIA-certified Mental Block Game makes an excellent giveaway for Schools, After-school clubs, Pediatricians’ offices
The personalized Mental Block Game is a great foundation for any sales plan, and with its incredibly vivid colors, it’s sure to draw attention to your customized information. It’s also a bit challenging, as we discovered during product testing, when we couldn’t get it back into its original six-cubes-on-top shape.
The good news? This puzzle is also durable and is unlikely to break, no matter how many times the cubes are shifted around or how frustrated people get with them. We also discovered that during product testing.
Break down the walls of boredom and let color in with the custom imprinted Mental Block Game.

If you want to know more about our wholesale stress balls, please visit

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5 Reasons for You to Buy Wholesale Stress Balls from


wholesale stress balls


There are so many gifts online wholesale providers in the world, why should I choose to wholesale Stress Balls? Here are 5 reasons for you:
1. Lowest Prices
If you find a lower advertised price within 30 days of your purchase, let us know and we’ll refund double the difference in price.

2. FREE professional art assistance
You will get FREE logo prep and design help on every item we sell – you don’t need to do the work yourself – we’ll do it for you! Whether you’d just like your logo on a product, or you’d like to add text, additional graphics or you need a complete logo created – we’ll do the work, FREE!  And you’ll always get a FREE ‘e-proof’ before we proceed with your order!

3. Personal, expert service on every order
Whether you on the web or over the phone (we’re happy to work either way!), every order is cared for by people who will make sure every detail is as you wish. This includes an experienced promotional product expert who will work with you personally on your order and our team of professional artists. It’s like having additional members of your own marketing team whenever you need them!

4.Quality Assurance
We always provide merchandise, which at a minimum, meets our customers’ required quality .In addition, our experienced QC team ensures strict inspection of production lines, as well as before shipment quality checks, allowing only internationally standardized products to leave the factory.

5. Travel Assistance
We will travel together with you and book hotels for you under our company corporate rates.

Our aim and principle is: Trustworthiness first; service best; providing our customers the high-quality agent service. No matter you are a leading Stress Balls wholesaler or a small retailer, hopefully, we can become your trade and close partner in China and will establish a good business relationship with you very soon.

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Top 5 Organic Competitors for Wholesale Stress Balls Suppliers in Dec


Wholesale Stress Ball


Here are the top 5 organic competitors for wholesale stress balls suppliers in December, 2016:



Custom Stress Balls in Bulk – Stress Relievers | DiscountMugs
Design personalized stress balls in bulk. Custom stress toys with your company name & logo are perfect for promotional … wholesale Stress Balls.



Stress Balls, Stress Toys, Squeeze Balls – Oriental Trading
Squeeze your worries away with our wide selection of stress balls, stress toys & squeeze balls in a variety of themes and colors at wholesale prices.



Wholesale Stress Balls, Bulk Stress Toys – Fun Express
Fun Express offers wholesale and bulk stress balls & stress toys, and is a leading wholesale supplier of stress balls & toys to family entertainment centers


Online Buy Wholesale stress ball from China stress ball Wholesalers
Wholesale stress ball from China stress ball Wholesalers Directory. You can Online Wholesale relaxation balls,PU stress balls,stress toys,squeeze ball



Wholesale Stress Balls – Magic Cube, Swan, Asparaqus & More
Distribute wholesale stress balls among target audience and your existing customers for better branding. Buy Wholesale stress balls at reasonable prices from

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