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    1 1/2" Yin Yang Health Balls
    Each set comes beautiful gift box (as pictured). Box colors vary between blue (pictured) or red.
    "Originally these balls were simple, solid cylindrical. Later craftsmen began designing hollow balls and inserting sounding plates that produce high and low tones when used. These lighter balls are easier to handle and the musical tones contribute to the relaxation process that results from exercising with them.
    According to traditional Chinese medical theory Jingluo (this term refers to various channels in the human body through which vital energy travels and where important acupuncture points are located), a person's fingers are connected by a variety of channels to vital organs of the human body, including the brain, heart, etc. When used, the balls massage the acupuncture points in one's hands, contributing to smoother blood circulation, improved muscle tone, stronger bones, clearer thinking thinking, and a relief of fatigue and worry which will lead to a prolonged and healthier life."
    Yin Yang Chinese Health Exercise Iron Stress Balls
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