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    As cleanliness is next to godliness; a clutter-free, well-organised vehicle is key to one's mental sanity while on-the-go. Save both front seat and back seat passengers from not having any visible leg room in sight due to a mountain of clutter with this Multi Car Tool Storage Box, a great solution to organise, sort and maintain a clutter-free vehicle!
    This must-have handy organiser folds neatly when not in use and is made from durable, waterproof material. Compartmentalize and sort all essentials in multi-functional pockets, from little objects such as stationery to shoes, books, water bottles and food!
    You also get the insulated bag in the set, which is attachable to the collapsible car storage box and detachable when you need it. The insulated bag has heat-insulating aluminium foil and cover for you to keep your fresh food grocery. Simply detach it from the collapsible car storage box for individual usage.
    Collapsible Car Storage Box and Insulated Bag.
    Organize your boot storage area.
    Nicely keep into a flat surface when not in use.
    Storage Box (1 unit) : 31 x 26cm (x2).
    Insulated Bag(1 unit) : 31 x 26cm.
    Colour: Yellow.
    Yellow Collapsible Car Storage Box & Insulated Bag
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