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    Beauty massager for skin care
    1. Introduction
    Metabolic disorder boosting the aging process of the skin and muscle, this is the Root Cause for the obesity. And the obesity is leading the lot health problem of us. Meanwhile, the metabolic disorder causing the waste (over 70% are water) increase in body. The research shows ultraviolet rays and pressure will product the radical and lost the electron then oxidation skin. This result will bring the problem like spot, Wrinkle, aging for skin.
    Y shape massage roller, it will generate the anion and combine the special design of the device, it can elastic the skin, promote the blood circulation and metabolic. Then relieve the problem of slack, wrinkle, spot, eye bag, and double jaw causing of aging. And use the Y shape body slimming device can adjust the electric potential of skin, can activate the cell of skin, and eliminate the fat, shape the body line, elastic the skin, and scavenging free radical.
    1Convenient, save time and money
    2No need to charge, use forever.
    3Easy for take it everywhere.
    4 special design, suitable for any part
    5 treatment
    Use method
    1For the first few time use, please use three minutes for one time and 3 times a day.
    2Please massage smoothly
    3Please don't massage the same part strength and long time or it will hurt you
    4It would be more effective if you do massage after bath.
    1When you feel ache or other abnormal phenomena, Please stop to use this device and ask the professional advice from Doctor.
    2No use to people who is sensitive of metal
    3Don't use it when skin was in sensitive problem. When skin is in normal condition, then use it.
    4Don't use it when have acne problem
    Y-Shaped Beauty Massager for Skin Care Gift
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