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    [What : Buckle quick release tourniquet]
    The TMI Tourniquets with their unique variety of designs offer the comfort of a 25 mm wide elasticated band coupled with a quick ‘break’ release mechanism. They also feature a button that will quick release the pressure but without ‘breaking’, thus allowing the band to be re-tightened with a one-handed operation.
    The TMI Tourniquet is simple to operate, durable and offers all the features of higher priced tourniquets, together with our interesting and multi-colourful band designs.
    In addition to the standard tourniquets, we have recently designed a new style ergonomically designed clip mechanism which we have added to a plain blue strap. This offers smoother slide and break operation and a more economical alternative to the multicoloured tourniquets
    [What : Size of tourniquet]
    We have 3 type of tourniquets as bellow:
    Adult A: length of belt: 45.0cm±0.3cm,width: 2.5cm±0.1cm
    Adult B: length of belt: 40.0cm±0.3cm,width: 2.5cm±0.1cm
    Children: length of belt: 35.0cm±0.3cm,width: 2.5cm±0.2cm
    The elastic ratio of belt: 1:1.5-1:2.0
    Recovery of elastic belt: 90% Min.
    Vertical pull strength: 50N Min.
    Expiry :5 year in common temperature.
    Material: Buckle --- Taiwan Chimei 757 ABS
    Belt---------silk mercerized cotton plus 32# Latex free
    For any size of tourniquet, we accept customizing design, you can supply logo or figure,also you can decide the color of the belt and the buckle. Of course ,we accept your ODM design too.
    [Why: Main Features]
    Easy to use,Color and sizes is optional, Inching loosening as well as instant loosening.
    1. Much Safer
    2. More Durable 
    3. More convenient
    4. More humanized
    5. More comfortable
    Quick Reusable Tourniquet
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